How to Get Rid of Dandruff For Good

If you’re suffering from dandruff, you know that the condition can be extremely irritating and even lead to bleeding. Thankfully, there are several natural remedies you can use to eliminate dandruff and prevent it from recurring. These include: Apple cider vinegar, Baking soda, Fish oil, and Listerine. If you’re ready to learn how to get rid of dandruff for good, keep reading!

Apple cider vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar to get rid of dandrust can have many benefits. Its antifungal and antimicrobial properties help to fight off a variety of microbes, including the ones that cause dandruff. While no studies have been conducted, apple cider vinegar has numerous benefits for the body. For one, it can eliminate fungi from the scalp, which is the cause of dandruff.

One of the most common and most effective remedies for dandruff involves applying a paste of Apple Cider Vinegar to the scalp. Applying the paste to the scalp and letting it stay for a few hours can cure dandruff in the process. For best results, apply the paste once a week to your scalp. Afterward, rinse it with cold water.

Using apple cider vinegar to get rid of dandriduff is a simple solution that can be used on the scalp and hair. The acid content of apple cider vinegar is proven to calm the reaction of Malassezia yeast. The vinegar is best applied to the scalp before shampooing. Once applied to the scalp, it can help reduce the itching and flaking associated with dandruff. You can also apply the solution to your scalp in spray bottles.

Combining apple cider vinegar with chamomile tea is also another effective remedy. This tea will add a healthy glow to your hair and scalp. The tea will also soothe your scalp and fight dandruff. Using the apple cider vinegar and chamomile tea on your hair and scalp will help reduce itching and dandruff. Apply the vinegar-apple cider mixture to your hair every 2 weeks and see the results!

Baking soda

You can try the popular home remedy of baking soda for dandruff to eliminate it for good. This ingredient is a mild exfoliator and contains antifungal properties. It can be used to treat dandruff by washing it into your hair. You need to leave it on for about two minutes before washing it off. It is safe to use on the scalp, but remember that long-term usage can cause damage to your hair and skin.

Another remedy is to apply baking soda to the scalp several times a week. The results may take some time, but they are worth the wait. However, baking soda works well because of its alkaline properties. It may leave your hair looking a little bad on the first wash, but over time, the effects will improve. While you should never apply baking soda directly to the scalp, you can make a paste with water and apply it to the scalp.

A common dandruff remedy involves mixing baking soda with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is antifungal and helps to kill fungus. You can apply this paste to the scalp and leave it on for about fifteen minutes before washing it off. You can repeat the process twice a week for better results. However, if your dandruff does not respond to this treatment, consult a doctor first.

Fish oil

If you’re considering a diet change or supplement, you may want to try fish oil to get rid of dandruck. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for skin and may even help prevent dandruff. It also contains zinc and selenium, two minerals that have been linked to reduced dandruff. While these nutrients are beneficial for overall health, too much of them can have negative side effects.

You can also consult a naturopathic physician or acupuncturist. Eva Kozura, a naturopathic physician at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health at Bastyr University, offers a natural remedy for dandruff. “Dandruff can be a result of a number of factors. Stress can be one of the causes.”

Besides fish oil, you can try other natural remedies such as tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, coconut oil, and emu oil. These treatments have a dual effect: they will kill the yeast and relieve the itching caused by dandruff. You can also try using a shampoo containing these natural oils. Applying these solutions to your scalp overnight will help to get rid of dandruff while improving your scalp’s health.

There are many reasons why dandruff occurs, from a yeast infection to overactive oil glands. While these causes can vary, one of the main reasons people experience dandruff is a lack of B vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies can lead to dandruff and a more irritated scalp. Therefore, fish oil can be a good alternative for anyone suffering from dandruff.


If you are suffering from dandruff, you may want to consider using Listerine to cure the condition. Mixing Listerine with nine parts of water and using it to rinse your hair after shampooing will help to reduce the appearance of dandruff and will not leave your hair feeling sticky or causing bad breath. To make the Listerine rinse, simply mix one teaspoon of the medicine with nine parts of water. Spray it onto the scalp after shampooing, and let it sit for about five minutes before rinsing it out.

You can also dilute Listerine with water and apply it directly to the scalp. Make sure that you keep the solution away from your eyes and scalp, and then rinse thoroughly with a shampoo. Repeat the process thrice a week. For best results, you must apply Listerine to your scalp on alternate days. If you want to get rid of dandruff for good, you should apply the solution thrice a week.

Aside from Listerine mouthwash, Farah Dhukai has also shared another dandruff hack: using Listerine to rinse your hair with water. This hack can save you money on expensive shampoos and treatments. Before you try this remedy, make sure you have a mirror to check your results. Do not forget to apply a conditioner after you rinse with Listerine. There are many other ways to get rid of dandruff, but using Listerine to wash your hair is the most convenient and natural way.


Using bananas to get rid of dandruffed is an excellent home remedy. This fruit contains many healthy benefits for hair and scalp. Adding banana to a regular hair mask can help restore moisture to thinning hair. It also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Use a banana hair mask to restore your hair’s natural shine. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil in place of the banana.

For most people, a banana mask has the potential to help treat dandruff. Bananas contain antioxidant and antibacterial properties that are beneficial in treating dandruff. Additionally, banana masks contain phytonutrients that nourish, moisturise, and build a strong defence against dandruff. If you don’t want to try the above-mentioned remedies, you can also use a banana-based shampoo or conditioner.

Lemon juice is another home remedy for dandruff. Lemon juice helps to balance the ph levels in the body and scalp. The ph level in your scalp is optimum for healthy hair. Turmeric has a number of surprising benefits for your body, including treating dandruff. Bananas will not cure severe dandruff, but a banana-apple cider vinegar mix is an effective treatment for mild cases of dandruff.

One of the most popular ways to treat dandruff is through a banana mask. Bananas contain silica, a natural mineral that can help repair damaged hair. It also contains antioxidants, which boost your hair’s defense system and reduce oxidative stress. A banana mask also improves the skin of your scalp and improves the condition of your hair. This treatment is also effective for brittle and dry hair.

Tea tree oil

If you’re looking for a natural remedy to get rid of dandruff, tea tree oil may be the perfect answer. This essential oil can be purchased at a natural grocer, and its properties are well-known to relieve a variety of skin conditions. But what can tea tree oil do for your dandruff? Listed below are a few ways you can use it to treat your dandruff.

You can apply a tea tree oil shampoo to your hair. The tea tree oil shampoo will do the trick by removing dandruff and promoting hair growth. To use this oil, dilute it with water and apply it to your scalp. After this, comb your hair to suck up the solution. You can use this oil on your scalp and hair several times a week. Just make sure to monitor your scalp and use a mild shampoo.

To use tea tree oil shampoo on your dandruff-prone scalp, add a few drops to your regular shampoo. Massage into your scalp and allow it to sit for at least five minutes before rinsing your hair with normal water. You can reapply the shampoo every two or three days as needed to maintain the effects of tea tree oil. You can even make your own tea tree oil shampoo at home!