How to Name a Group Text in iOS 11 and Older

How to name a group text in iOS 11 is not as easy as it sounds. While you can name individual texts, you can’t do the same thing for a group text. You need to be a member of that group to name the message. This article will go over the basics and help you name group texts in your iOS 11 and older devices. You can also use an app on your computer or Mac to name the text groups.


If you’d like to give a group of friends a new name, you can do so on iPhone and Android devices. Just tap the “i” button in the top right corner of the message to edit its details. In the “Group Name” field, type a phrase or keyword to give it a new name. The new name will be added as a custom label for this group of people. Remember to rename the group for clarity.

The best way to name an iMessage group text depends on the circumstances. If you’re sending the message to friends, it should be something that describes your relationship with each other. However, if you’re naming a group of friends for fun, use something that sounds like you. The group’s members should be people who are compatible with Apple devices. If one person has an iPhone, they can only add three other people to the group text. If you want to send the group text to more than one person, you’ll have to create a new group.

A group text can be renamed by anyone in the group. All of the other members of the group will be notified when the name changes. To change the name, go to the group’s iMessage info button. This icon will display the name of the group. Tap the button and then tap “Enter a Group Name” to change it. This process is simple. If you don’t know what group name you want, you can look at a sample group name.

Another way to name an iMessage group text is to tap the “Group Name” option in the iMessage app. This will allow you to send the message to a group of people. This option will appear if all of the recipients are iPhone users and signed into Messages on an Apple device. Once you’ve added everyone to the group, you’ll need to create a new message for the group. Then, you’ll have to type in the contacts and give a group name to the message.


There are a few basic steps to properly name a group text on Android. The first step is to decide which device your group of friends uses. iPhone users will typically want to call their group text “My Group Text,” while Android users will want to call their group “TheGroup.” Once you have decided which phone your group will belong to, you can name the text. Once you’ve decided on a name, simply follow these instructions to save your new text group.

Once you’ve added contacts, the next step is to add the group’s name. This may be easier said than done, so we suggest giving it a catchy name. For example, the Cleveland Cavaliers are known as the Cavs on iOS, while the same name is used on Android. Besides the acronym, you can use a traditional name or an analogy to make your group text more memorable.

Changing the name of a group text is easy on Android. Just tap the group name and change it to something else. When it appears in the group conversation, all members will be notified. Then, you can remove people from the group, add new members, and view who’s seen the messages. After renaming a group, you can choose a new name for the group. If you’re a member of a group on iOS, you can use your mobile device to send messages to people on your network.

To create a group text on Android, first open the Messages app. Select the “Inbox” tab. Then, tap the group text to view the details. If you’re using a Samsung phone, you’ll need to install a separate app. And while Android devices typically allow you to add contacts from your contact list, some carriers may restrict group text. To solve this issue, you’ll need to update your device’s settings or download a new group messaging app.


If you don’t have an iPhone, you may be wondering how to name a group text on your Samsung. The process isn’t always as easy as you think. However, it is possible with a few steps. First, open the group’s settings page. Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the window and choose “Rename Group.” Enter a new name for the group and click Save.

Once you have added your group of contacts, you can send the message to the whole group. You can add up to 20 contacts. Next, go to the contacts app. Select “Groups” and type the name of the group. Tap “Add” to create the group. Once you have named all the members of the group, you can send them a group text. You can also send group texts to the entire group at one time, by selecting “Send Group Text” as the name.

You can also create group contacts for your group. To do this, open the Messages app and tap on the Add/Remove People option. This will allow you to select the names of the people you want to message. You can also add contacts from a group by using the Send button. You can also choose to send a message to the entire group by pressing “All” at the top of the screen. If you want to send a message to all of the contacts, tap the group name in the recipient’s text box.

Next, you need to choose the name for the group. You can rename a group if you have several groups. After selecting the group, you can name it according to your preferences. If you want, you can include a photo or an emoji in the group name. This way, you can quickly name the group and have it easily recognizable to all members. Once you’ve named the group, you can change its name.


If you want to give a group of people a different name, you can easily do it in Messages for Mac. To name a group, just select it from the Messages app and then enter the name you want for the group. The group name will be displayed in the Messages screen, but it will not be visible if there are no Apple Devices in the group. In addition, you can name a group to keep track of conversations with specific people.

Using grouping will also save you time. For instance, when you need to send emails, you no longer need to type out the addresses of the people you want to communicate with. In fact, grouping regularly used contacts will save you a lot of time. Simply open the Contacts app in Spotlight or in the Applications folder. From there, you can add contacts to a group. You can also add emojis to your groups.

You can also rename a group to reflect its purpose. For example, if you want to name a group to represent a family or work thread, you can change the name to a more descriptive one. This change will be reflected in the “To” section of a Messages thread. Changing the group name is simple, and if you want to change the name of a group, it is recommended to use a descriptive one rather than a bunch of names.

Names are important for groups. For example, you can give a group a unique name. However, the feature is only available if all members of the group are using the same default Messages application on an Apple device. If no member of the group uses an Apple device, you can still send a group message with the default name, and it will be automatically labeled by all members. So, naming a group is important in any group.


With iOS 8, you can name a group of text messages. This will make it easier to separate them from individual texts. After you open the group’s chat, tap the ‘i’ in a circle to see the name and then tap ‘Change Name and Photo.’ It’s that simple. Now, all you need to do is change the name of the group! Make sure that you’re a member of that group, and then tap ‘Change Name and Photo’.

If everyone in your group is using an Apple device, you can name the group. However, if you are sending messages from a non-Apple device, the default name will remain. It’s up to you to choose a name that suits the group’s personality and needs. This is a great way to add a personal touch to group chats. But be aware that this feature is only available if all of your group members are using the default Messages app.

There are a few ways to rename a group on your iPad. First, you must open the group iMessage app. From the app, select the contacts you’d like to include in the group. You can select two contacts. Tap one of them. The group name will appear in the iMessage message box. Then, tap the ‘enter a group name’ option. This option is only available for iMessages.

After selecting the contacts, you can change the name of the group. The new name will be visible to all the people in the conversation. When you’re done, you’ll see a notification in the thread. The participants of the group will also be able to change the name of the group as they see fit. Unlike individual messages, group text names can’t be locked. If you’re not happy with the name of your group, you can always change it later.